Fucking? Getting fucked?
Sucking? Getting sucked?
Rimming? Kissing? Necking? Nipple play?
Piercings? Cockrings? Dildos? Leather?
Whipcream? Domination?
Just handjobs? Okay---

want some lube?
Poppers? Coke? X?
Married? Kids? Girlfriend/Boyfriend?
Open relationship? Really? That's cool.

Out? Straight, bi, gay? Not into labels?
Hmmm...me too.

What about threeways, groups, water sports,
Black, Latino, Blatino, Asian...
Euro, Trannies, Bears, Twinks?
Porn? Glory holes? Sex clubs? Clubbing?
bar hopping? No---gym bunny, right?
Wigstock, Fire Island, Pride, Queer as

I know, so over the scene myself.

From here?
Uptown, Down? East Side, West?
The Burbs? What train---local or express?
And your background? (Really? 100%?)
Sign, rising, how 'bout your moon?
Age? No way---but you look so young.
Now what exactly do you do?
Where, how long?
And what about your name?
Seriously? Nice (if it's for real).
So you gettin' close?
Yeah---almost there too.

So...what are you into?
by Michael Montlock, Queer Collection: Prose & Poetry 2007, 61-62 (Gregory A. Kompes ed., 2007).

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    前幾年在美國參加一個陰道工作坊,有一個女生說做愛就是 fuck and be fucked。很棒的解釋,男生也一樣 fuck and be fucked
  • 我同意。我也相信做愛應該要有想像力與創造力!各種可能都應該嘗試!(雖然我說這話很心虛...)

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